PODO @ The Fiddler's Inn

The Fiddler's Inn is an independent tavern in NE Seattle with a warm vibe and wonderful food. They feature a fiddle player once a month on the second Sunday.  Sue, along with the rest of the band, had a wonderful time playing tunes and stepdancing to full house.  We HIGHLY recommend this place for lunch, dinner and drinks. Check out their website.

Thank you to all who came to hear us play! Aug. 2019

August, 2019

The Kickin Chicken makes it's debut! 1/26/2020

Julia and Cil staying on the board! 1/26/2020

Julia stepping. 1/26/2020

Pascale, Sue, Cil and Julia. Aug. 2019

Fiddle and an antique fiddle mold on the wall, 1/26/202

More tunes and tapping, 1/26/2019.

Sue's feet in action! 1/26/2020

Cil stepping, 1/26/2020

A gorgeous outdoor seating area. Aug. 2019

Fiddles hanging from the ceiling, 1/26/2020.

View from the bar, we had a full house, 1/26/2020.

More fiddles. Aug. 2019

Jan 26th 2020. We had a full house, thanks to all who came out to hear us. It was a great evening.