PODORYTHMIE got their start as a group that got together to stepdance so it's no surprise that much of their repertoire is composed of stepdance jigs, reels, polkas and waltz clogs.

Sue, Cil and Julia have been privileged to study with some of the masters of Quebecois and Cape Breton stepdance such as Richard Turcotte, Normand Legault, Pierre Chartrand and Benoit Bourque of the Quebecois tradition and Fr. Eugene Morris, Mary Janet MacDonald, John Pellerin, Harvey BeatonWendy MacIsaac and Andrea Beaton of the Cape Breton tradition. We thank them for this gift!

Cil Pierce dancing a Waltz Clog

May 13th, 2019 - Podorythmie rehearsal in the cabin. Cil Pierce is dancing a waltz clog to the tune Cine Citta composed by Daniel Thonon of Quebec.

Sue, Cil and Julia, rehearsing in the cabin for the Mission Folk Music Festival, July, 2016.

Mary Ann Jewell's Jig

Step dancing to a jig written by Sue in honor of Marianne Jewell, a dear friend we played tunes with who moved to Cape Breton. Dancing from left to right: Prairie, Julia and Cil. Video by Doug Plummer.

Festival du Bois, Coquitlam, British Columbia. March 6, 2016. Our good friends Lisa Ornstien, Andre Marchand and Norman Miron of LE BRUIT COURT DANS LA VILLE invited Podorythmie and Jean-Francois Berthiame to join them on stage for a few steps!

2011 Intro to Podorythmie! Playing tunes and dancing in Sue's cabin, where it all began!

From the archives - 1983. This was Sue's first stepdance performance with Doug Booth at the NW Folklife Festival. Sue learned several versions of the waltz clog: one from Jeanette du Bois and another version from Richard Turcotte. Then she added some NW steps into it.