Early Stepdance Influences

Sue and Cil started stepdancing in the early 80s. Julia and Prairie started later on.  We have had the good fortune to learn from some legendary dancers. The videos below are just a few of our teachers.

Other early influences were Fr. Eugene Morris of Cape Breton and Jeanette Dubois and Richard Turcotte of Quebec.  They all traveled out to festivals on the west coast to teach stepdancing in the early 80s. We are searching for videos of their dancing.❤

Harvey Beaton

Normand Legault and Pierre Chartrand

John Pellerin

Benoit Bourque

Mary Janet MacDonald

From Cape Breton Island, this is Mary Janet dancing with six of her children at the Broad Cove concert.

Gina Gilchrist

Ottawa Valley stepdancer Gina Gilchrist and Jean Carignan (fiddle) in 1985. We didn't take lessons from Gina but she, her brothers and her father provided much inspiration.

Pierre Chartrand

From Quebec, Pierre Chartrand dancing a 6/8 into a reel.